Welcome! I’m a Canadian reporter who writes about space programs all over the world, for places like Space.com, Discovery News and NASA.

You can see my latest postings and musings about space on Twitter. You can also follow my postings about Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques — set to launch in 2018 — at DavidInSpace.com.

Some fun things I’ve done:

  • Been featured on “The Nature of Things” (a famous Canadian science show, where I talked about Chris Hadfield) and on stage with Bill Nye, the Science Guy.
  • Talked to several astronauts while they were in space, or an underwater habitat.
  • Spent two weeks simulating a Mars expedition at the Mars Desert Research Station (January 2014).
  • Attended the space shuttle launches of STS-129, STS-130 and STS-131 (2009-10).
  • Visited approximately 20 aviation, science or space museums/centres in Alberta, British Columbia, California, Florida, Germany, Kansas, Manitoba, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ontario, Texas, the United Kingdom and Washington, D.C.
  • Started learning to teach in 2015 so I can better communicate space to diverse audiences.
  • Started learning Russian in 2014 so that (eventually) I can read histories of the space program in that language. I also plan to attend a launch in Kazakhstan in 2018 to see Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques fly into space.