Since 2013, I have been a part-time, distance Ph.D. in Aerospace Sciences student at the University of North Dakota. My dissertation focus will likely be on how humans behave in isolated, confined environments such as a spacecraft.

In 2012, I completed an M.Sc. Space Studies, which I also took by distance at UND while pursuing a full-time job. My focus was on space policy and management, and I completed a thesis about Canadian company Telesat that was published in Space Policy. This degree helped launch my full-time freelance career in space/science writing.

I have received thousands of dollars in financial aid from the university for academic achievement. Additionally, I helped run UND’s Graduate Forum (an annual research event) and assisted the Space Studies department with the redevelopment of its website. For more information about my academic experience, contact me.


  • 2014-16: University of North Dakota – Multiple tuition waivers
  • 2012: EurekAlert! – Travel Stipend to American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Vancouver
  • 2011-12: University of North Dakota – Approximately 2/3 of my tuition paid by the university in the form of waivers.
  • 2010: Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario – Best In-Depth Feature
  • 2007: National Association of Science Writers – Travel Stipend to AAAS conference in San Francisco
  • 2006: Canadian Science Writers’ Association – Herb Lampert Emerging Journalist Award
  • 2003-5: Carleton University – Judith Johansen Memorial Award (2005); K. Phyllis Wilson Scholarship (2004); George Fierheller Entrance Scholarship (2003)