I write about how space exploration affects astronauts, and how space technology affects the billions of us on Earth who depend on it. I have three books on the go, and also report on breaking news stories for several space publications.

In 2018, I journeyed to Kazakhstan twice to report on two International Space Station launches: Expedition 56 and Expedition 58. Other fun things I’ve done include documenting my mission on a “Mars” base for two weeks, attending three space shuttle launches (like this one), and talking to astronauts about how to prepare for spaceflight. And every day, I chase breaking news to help my clients explain and understand the latest in space exploration.

I am fluent in English, and am comfortable in three other languages that I have used for multilingual press conferences: French, Spanish and Russian. I was also president of Science Writers and Communicators of Canada in 2019.

Here are some of the stories I’ve written.

For Space.com, I break down the scientific concepts portrayed in popular TV shows and movies, such as “Star Trek”, “Star Wars” and “Lost In Space”.

I also cover breaking news events for Space.com, sometimes posting stories within hours of an official announcement. I’ve also had exclusives, such as this interview with Apollo astronaut Charles Duke.

For Forbes, I cover commercial space and write explainers about space procedures.

For Curiosity.com, I explain space news to a non-technical, young adult audience.

For Sky&Telescope, I delve deeply into the science of astronomy.

For SpaceQ, I investigate the Canadian space program and industry.


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