Space is a fascinating field to work in because you test everything — engineering, computers, even the human body. I write about how space exploration affects astronauts, and how space technology affects the billions of us on Earth who depend on it.

Recently, I journeyed to Kazakhstan to report on an International Space Station launch. Other fun things I’ve done include documenting my mission on a “Mars” base for two weeks, attending three space shuttle launches (like this one), and talking to astronauts about how to prepare for spaceflight. And every day, I chase breaking news to help my clients explain and understand the latest in space exploration.

I am fluent in English, and am comfortable in three other languages that I have used for multilingual press conferences: French, Spanish and Russian.

Here are some of the stories I’ve written.

For, I break down the scientific concepts portrayed in popular TV shows and movies, such as “Star Trek”, “Star Wars” and “Lost In Space”.

I also cover breaking news events for, sometimes posting stories within hours of an official announcement. I’ve also had exclusives, such as this interview with Apollo astronaut Charles Duke.

For LiveScience, I answer common questions about space.

For, I report on how spaceflight affects astronaut health.

For, I explain space news to a non-technical, young adult audience.

For Sky&Telescope, I delve deeply into the science of astronomy.

For Smithsonian Air&Space Magazine, I write about under-reported and breakthrough space research.

For NASA Astrobiology Magazine, I report on the scientific investigation of possibly habitable worlds outside of Earth.

For SpaceQ, I investigate the Canadian space program and industry.


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