Space is a fun field to work in, because you test everything — engineering, computers, even the human body. I write about how those changes affect astronauts, and how space affects the billions of us on Earth who depend on it.

I journeyed to Kazakhstan to watch a crewed rocket launch with an astronaut, lived on a “Mars” base for two weeks, attended three space shuttle launches (like this one), and talked to astronauts about how to prepare for spaceflight. And every day, I chase breaking news to help my clients explain the latest in space exploration.

I am fluent in English, and speak three other languages that I can use for multilingual press conferences: French (C1/advanced), Spanish (B2/high intermediate) and Russian (B1/low intermediate).

Here are some of the stories I’ve told.

For, I use entertainment to teach people about space. (I’m also their “Star Trek” reporter — may that series live long and prosper!)

I also cover breaking news events for, sometimes posting stories within hours of an announcement.

For LiveScience, I answer common questions about space.

For, I report how spaceflight affects astronaut health.

For, I explain space news to 18- to 25-year-olds who are new to the industry.

For Sky&Telescope, I delve deeply into the science of astronomy.

For Smithsonian Air&Space Magazine, I uncover trends behind space news.

For NASA Astrobiology Magazine, I follow the history of water in our solar system.

For SpaceQ, I do investigative reporting concerning the Canadian space industry.

I also have helped many clients with their corporate communications in science, space and other topics. Examples: NASA Lunar Spaceflight Institute (now SSERVI), Astronomers Without Borders, the Globe and Mail, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Ohio State University.

To join my client list, please contact me.