I’ve loved space since watching the movie Apollo 13 on a rented videocassette in 1996. From there I went to the library to start researching space, and I’ve never stopped since then.

Since 2004, I’ve been one of the few Canadian science reporters to focus on space journalism. After several years working for major media outlets in Ottawa, I drummed up enough freelance work in 2012 to start my own business. Some of my major clients over the years include, Discovery News, Air&Space Smithsonian, Canadian Geographic, LiveScience, Universe Today, NASA Astrobiology Magazine and the (former) NASA Lunar Science Institute.

I am used to juggling multiple projects/clients on tight deadlines, sometimes submitting stories just hours after receiving a request. You can view my most recent work in the Twitter stream below. If you have a story pitch or are interested in joining my client list, contact me.