My feature writing helps universities and research centres connect with their communities, by sharing information about prominent scientists and the emerging talent of their communities. For technical writing, I write precise instructions or descriptions tailored to an audience who can then use that information to operate software or to further understand the operations of a complex machine, such as a science instrument.

A selection of my communications work is below. I write in-depth magazine features for governments and universities, using my years of experience in space reporting and as a Ph.D. researcher to connect with the people I interview.

“Out of the fire” (Athabasca University)

Houses must now be rebuilt, and insurance claims processed. Winter is quickly approaching Alberta, which means that as the cleanup finishes in the coming months, it will be well into [next year] before construction begins in earnest. Yet, the spirit in the community has not dampened with the ongoing challenges.

“Peter Mansbridge tackles new terrain” (Carleton University)

In his speech, Peter Mansbridge acknowledged that journalism faces numerous challenges: reduced budgets, increased devices and the need to reflect diverse demographics – all balanced against spin doctors and politicians who are more adept than ever at crafting messages of their own.

“What if your stove could learn your bad habits?” (Canada Foundation for Innovation)

What if your stove could learn that you have a tendency to forget the pot of rice on the burner, and alert you when it thinks you’re about to repeat that bad habit? For seniors wanting to continue living safely on their own for as long as possible, it could be a life saver.

“Aiming for a quantum leap” (University of Ottawa)

The facility, among the most advanced of its kind in the world, will give photonics researchers the ultimate sandbox in which to perform their work. Anti-static tiles will protect sensitive lasers, and walls in matte black will prevent stray light from interfering with experiments. Anti-vibration floors will ensure that traffic, minor earthquakes and other rumblings will not affect results.

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